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Photograph of Wood Canyon-Stake 3828 - June 1981
Robert H. Webb
The Skidoo mining boom prompted construction of a pipeline to bring water from Telescope Peak, the highest mountain in the Panamints, 23 miles north to Harrisburg and Skidoo. This section through Wood Canyon was probably completed in 1907. The pipeline was salvaged by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, and this section was probably removed in 1933. In 1981, in a study of primary and secondary plant succession, this northerly view was taken along the pipeline. The plants in the immediate foreground are Artemisia tridentata (Great Basin sagebrush), a species that can both dominate undisturbed sites and invade disturbed sites. Three geomorphic surfaces are crossed on the alluvial-fan surface in the midground. The undisturbed surfaces support Coleogyne ramosissima (blackbrush) dominated vegetation. The color pattern reflects the amount of Coleogyne on the different ages of geomorphic surfaces; older surfaces are darker because Coleogyne is more abundant. The pipeline corridor supports a younger seral stage of vegetation dominated by short-lived woody species such as Hymenoclea salsola (cheesebush). (Robert H. Webb)